Cruyff was joined by Freixa, Mestre, Monje and many other guests. PHOTO: Jordi Bedmar.

‘L’Últim partit’ (The last match), a documentary film about how Johan Cruyff was signed by FC Barcelona to spark a sporting, social and cultural resolution in Catalonia was premiered today at the Auditori, in the presence of the President of Catalonia, Artur Mas. Barça vice-president Jordi Mestre and directors Susana Monje and Toni Freixa were among the other guests.

President Josep Maria Bartomeu was unable to attend because the event coincided with the tribute to the veterans of the 1940s and Five Cups in the Camp Nou.

‘L’Últim partit’ tells the story of the Dutch star’s arrival and impact from the point of view of different people involved in some way or other with the 40 years that Cruyff has spent in Catalonia. Directed by Jordi Marcos, it provides fascinating new insight into one of the most relevant and historic moments in club history.

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