The Club will close the FC Barcelona Member Census process on Thursday, October 31, which started nearly a year ago with the objective of regulating and identifying the Club’s social constituency. The verification and actualisation of the Club members’ information is a necessary process that supports the democratic representation of the Club.

Two days to complete the process

It is essential for members to complete the verification and actualisation process before October 31. The process is very simple, and it can be completed by personally visiting the Census Office situated in the Club’s Social Headquarters.

Members can also download the Census form on the Club’s official website, fill it out, add a photograph, print it out and send it in my mail. The signature must be validated by a notary, bank or any public office. Both Catalonia residents and non-Catalonia residents can pursue this option.

Once the Census process is over, the Club expects to establish an updated database of FC Barcelona members in November. The following month, December, the Club will begin to create the new 2014 member identification cards with the updated information.

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