Celebrations after a great weekend

Great success for the professional sections

The weekend of 3 and 4 May 2014 proved to be a triumphant couple of days for the Club’s professional sections. Three of the four  - roller hockey, handball and futsal – won titles to round off a great season, whilst the basketball team beat Caja Laboral  (91-75) in the Liga Endesa.

Roller hockey success

The most spectacular win of the weekend came for the roller hockey team who lifted their 20th European League title. In the Final Four held at the Palau, Ricard Muñoz’s team beat Benfica in the semis (2-3) and Porto in Sunday’s final (1-3). for their first European title in four years.

Fifth handball title of the season

Meanwhile, the Handball team won their 18th Spanish Cup in Pamplona with the style and superiority they have been showing all season, beating the hosts Helvetia Anaitasuna (28-36) in the semi final and then seeing off Granollers with a record breaking  score (42-32) to claim their fifth title of the season.

Futsal rack up the trophies

Finally, in Bilbao, Barça Alusport continue to dominate the Spanish Cup, a competition which they have won each of the four times it’s been competed for. It was a close win though, with an extra time goal sealing a (4-3) win over El Pozo to take the title just a week after winning the European Cup and with the league title now on the horizon.

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