During the press conference following the Board of Directors meeting, President Josep Maria Bartomeu talked about the future of the Espai Barça project and the Club’s aspirations for the football and basketball teams.

Firstly, Bartomeu said that many Club members expressed their “support for the creation of the Espai Barça.” At the same time he admitted that he’s noticed “the concern over how this strategic project will be funded.” He was clear that “the Espai Barça is economically viable and absolutely necessary.”

According to the president, “the Espai Barça is an ambitious project.” He reiterated that “it’s a Club project, not the Board of Directors’. Anyone in our position would do this, I’d even venture to say that we’re a bit late in starting the process.”

In addition, the president talked about the Club’s investment in the Sant Joan Despí (30 million) and the Les Corts area (20 million) in the three and a half years the current Board has been in power. He also specified the maintenance and repair costs for the Camp Nou cost 7 million during the Board’s tenure and he estimated that 56 million more would be needed through 2021.

It’s time for the fans

Bartomeu then talked about attendance at the Camp Nou and he sent a message to the fans ahead of the final stretch of the season: “This is the moment to accompany the team. We have a very good team and we are ambitious.” He added: “We’re La Liga leaders – recovering the top spot is a morale boost for us.”

The president also talked about the basketball team, who were finalists in the Copa del Rey. “I congratulate them for their brilliant run in the Cup and their positive progression in form.”

Finally, Bartomeu talked about the action of responsibility that weighs on the previous administration: “I will take it to the Board before the end of the season. They have asked us to withdraw our case and I want to discuss our options.”

Contact with Johan Cruyff

President Josep Maria Bartomeu revealed that he has contacted individuals close to Johan Cruyff in order to address the relationship with the former player and manager. “Cruyff is a distinguished person in our Club. I believe that things will normalise,” he said.

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