Neymar, on the day of his presentation. PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB.

Neymar da Silva was FC Barcelona’s big-name signing for the 2013/14 season. The arrival of the Brazilian means that the club has secured the rights to one of the most sought-after players on the international market, as well as providing the ideal solution to one of the coaching staff’s most pressing requirements. The August/September issue of Barça Magazine includes a cover story on a player whose dream has come true by signing for Barça, and playing alongside the likes of the indisputably greatest player in the world, Leo Messi, and such stars as Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Sergio Busquets, Alexis and the rest of a team that has added so much to the Barça legend.

Secrets revealed

Issue 64 of Barça Magazine presents all the inside details of Neymar’s transfer from Santos, and looks back at some of the anecdotes related to the long series of negotiations. The article examines the relations and emotions that were at play in the battle to bring Neymar to Barcelona despite other clubs offering much higher fees for the Brazilian. When did he first hear FCB president Sandro Rosell speaking about the matter? When did Neymar make his first vow that he’d be playing for Barça? When did Guardiola and Tito receive Zubizarreta’s first reports on the player? When did Barça first attempt to make contact with the player? When did Barça and Santos first agree terms for the move? How did Neymar’s own father respond to the possibility of his son playing for Barça? All this and more will be revealed in the new edition of the Barça Magazine.

Unpublished material

The issue also includes brand new anecdotes and pictures from Neymar’s first day in Barcelona, and his official presentation, while university professor Miquel de Moragas presents a fascinating analysis of the media dimension of the Messi-Neymar tandem in the Barça attack. The magazine also looks at the charitable side of Neymar, expressed through his foundation, the Projeto Neymar Jr, and how the Brazilian and Barça will be working together to further boost their leadership on social networks.

Força, Tito

The issue also includes the open letter that Tito Vilanova sent to FC Barcelona’s members and fans after he had decided to resign from the manager’s position to concentrate instead on his health. He has been replaced by Argentinian Tata Martino, who will be the protagonist of the next issue of the magazine, which comes out in October.

The reform of the Statutes, which will be voted by the delegates at the next Assembly, the financial review of the year, and an interview with doctor Josep Sánchez de Toledo, head of Child Oncology at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital and named Catalan of the Year, are other articles in this latest issue of a magazine that will sent directly to the homes of Barcelona members.

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