FC Barcelona want as many members as possible to cast their votes / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

This Thursday is the final day for providing information on the Proposed New Espai Barça, which has involved extensive efforts to ensure that the FC Barcelona members are crystal clear about what the potential project involves. FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu reviewed the process today, saying that “the campaign has gone down very well among the members. We have set standards for transparency and clarity, and have cleared up all of their doubts.” I call upon the members to come and vote on Saturday

The president also says that rather than the outcome of the vote, “what we really want is a good turnout, for people to come and voice their opinions. I call upon the members to come and vote on Saturday for what they think would be best for the Club. If the members come and vote, it’ll be a great example of how we do things here, where the big decisions are made by the members, the owners of the club”. In the 2010 presidential elections, 57,088 members exercised their right to vote, and “we’d be very pleased to achieve figures like that because it would really mean the members have got involved”.

Bartomeu was also asked whether it’s true that the stadium will include the name of Qatar, something he denied. "Qatar is not behind the reform” he explained. “We don’t want the same sponsor to pay for so many assets. It’s better to diversify.”

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