Bartomeu / PHOTO: G. PARGA - FCB

Josep Maria Bartomeu stopped by the Intel stand at the Mobile World Congress this Wednesday. The FC Barcelona president said that it’s “an honour for Barça to have this agreement with Intel” and that the deal “is satisfactory for both parties.”

Bartomeu added: “We are worldwide leaders in followers on social networks, we are one of the best teams in the world and now, with this alliance with Intel, we’ll be the best Club in terms of technology. This deal is beneficial for our members and our fans.”

Intel equips La Masía

Regarding the introduction of technology into La Masía, Bartomeu said, “we’ve provided La Masía, where many of our young players live, with the best technology. This technology will help in their development in becoming adults.”

He concluded: “Barça, our fans, have welcomed this agreement with Intel. I’m sure it will be satisfactory and that, from December 2013 to 2018, it will be good for everyone.”

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