From Tuesday November 5 at 10.00 and until Wednesday 6 at 19.00, the club website (www.fcbarcelona.cat) will be open for applications for tickets for game five in the Champions League group stages away to Ajax Amsterdam, to be played in the Dutch capital on November 26.

The process is exclusively for club members whereby they must fill in an application form in the Members sections of the website. Members may only request one ticket each but up to four members may apply on the same form in order to be able to travel together.

2,570 seats at 61.5 euros

For the game in the Amsterdam Arena, FC Barcelona have 2,570 tickets for its own members and fans, at a single price of 61.5 euros. As usual, 85% of these are for members (1,748) and supporters clubs (437). The other 15% (385) are used for the club’s sporting, institutional and sponsorship requirements.

Draw November 7

Applications will not be dealt with until after the period has expired, whereupon if there are more applications than tickets available, a random draw out of all applications will be held before a notary on November 7. On November 7 and 8, the club will be announcing to the winners that they have tickets and providing details for collection of the same.


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