Toni Freixa speaking to the press on Tuesday / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona’s budget for the 2013/14 season will be 509 million euros, according to the secretary and spokesman for the board, Toni Freixa. That’s the first time in club history that the budget has been over 500 million, while operating income for last season was 491 million euros, 21 more than originally budgeted.

Freixa announced that the additional income had come from sponsorship deals, as well as the transfer of Thiago Alcántara to Bayern Munich. All told, the board’s prediction is that the 2013/14 season will close with a surplus of 36 million euros after tax. "But this is not a message of triumph” said Freixa. “It will still be difficult to manage the club and we have to continue with our austerity policies.”

Meetings on October 2 and 3

The economic proposal will be presented for approval by delegate members at the next Ordinary General Assembly on October 5. Previously, informative meetings will be held on October 2 and 3 in the new Social Area to inform members about economic affairs (18.00) and the modifications to the Statutes (20.00). The directors of each area will be attending the meetings.

Photography competition

Freixa also explained that in the area of Barça Cultura, a photography competition is going to be held for the best portrayal of the club’s values. It will be open for six months and further details will be announced shortly.

Freixa also commented that the Board will be holding its next meeting in Salou during the final quarter of 2013 and another in Andorra in early 2014.

Camp Nou under study

Asked about the possible rebuilding or restructuring of the Camp Nou, Freixa explained that the project is still in the study phase. "We have not debated the issue among the Board as we still have not received the information from the specialists” he said.

Finally, Freixa confirmed that FCB has invited Johan Cruyff to dine with his colleagues before the Ajax match, but they have yet to receive a response from the former Barça player and manager.

Work on indoor pavilion at Ciutat Esportiva to start on November 15

Toni Freixa reported that November 15 is the date when work will commence on the new indoor pavilion at the Ciutat Esportiva, next to the current building. The work will take 12 months and is costing 5.2 million euros.

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