FC Barcelona 2013/14 home kit / PHOTO: G.Parga - FCB

FC Barcelona 2013/14 home kit / PHOTO: FCB

Starting today you can buy the new 2013/14 FC Barcelona kits from official Barça stores around the world.
The new kit, which is more comfortable and lighter than this season’s, combines the classic Barça look with a modern design. Want to be the first to own it? Now’s the time!

[[BOTOVERMELL::The New Kit for 2013/14++::http://shop.fcbarcelona.com/stores/barcelona/products/kit_selector.aspx?selector=512&lid=1&portal=I6OSJQOC&CMP=PSC-I6OSJQOC::HOR::NF::TRACKING::boto-noticia-en::nova-samarreta-13-14::]]

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