FC Barcelona has been totally renovating its website, and following the introduction of a Japanese version, fans and members from all around the world can now enjoy the very latest news and information on Barça in no fewer than seven different languages.

The Japanese language version of the FC Barcelona website can be found at www.fcbarcelona.jp, where all fans in Japan will not only be able to view the latest Barça news in their own tongue, but will also find content that is specially adapted to their own tastes and interests.

Japanese users will find a completely revamped edition of the website, which contains information on the football first team, the club’s values, and plenty of historical content so fans and members can get an even deeper understanding of the meaning of FC Barcelona.

“Barça’s new Japanese website is the best way of communicating with a very loyal audience that has expressed so much love for the team for many years”, said Dídac Lee, the director responsible for New Technologies.

Passion for Barça

Barça are intensely followed in Japan. In fact, the Asian country has more than 1,000 club members and two official supporters clubs, namely the Penya Blaugrana Sol Naixent and the Penya FC Barcelona Japan, who have done so much to promote the Barça name in the land of the rising sun They will all find www.fcbarcelona.jp to be the perfect platform for further spreading interest in the club in their country. FC Barcelona, groundbreaking as ever in the field of social networks, is also opening its sixth Twitter account. Following on from those in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Arabic, the new arrival is @fcbarcelona_jap. Barça has more than 14 million followers on Twitter who enjoy real time updates about what is happening at the Club and to the football first team.

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