Christmas is becoming a more and more universal event, but it is celebrated differently in every part of the world. Households in Catalonia enjoy some especially ancient traditions.

To celebrate Christmas 2012, FC Barcelona has put together a new story featuring the Barça Toons, in which they explain some of these traditions in a fun way.

In this story, the Toons become the shepherds in an improvised nativity scene, a tradition that goes back to medieval times of using figurines to represent the birth of Jesus Christ in Palestine. Each player acts as a shepherd in the scene where the star announces the birth of the new messiah.

The Three Kings also appear, who are also important figures in any nativity scene. Every Christmas, Catalan families fill their houses with festive decorations. These include the nativity scene, a tradition that goes beyond its religious meanings to become a tradition in every sense, regardless of beliefs.

On Christmas Eve, Catalan children make what is called a ‘cagatió’, a tree trunk that contains their presents.
In this special episode of the Barça Toons, some very peculiar Catalan traditions are explained in a simple and fun way.


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