He formed part of a formidable front line with Ventolrà,Raich, Escolà, Fernández and Munlloch | FCB ARCHIVE

He had exquisite technical abilities and an exceptional shot which helped him become the fifth highest goal scorer in the club’s history with 223 goals. He was admired and respected by many due to his clean and fair play; tempers never flared when he was around.

He came to Barcelona in 1934 and formed part of the forward set up which also included Ventolrà, Raich, Escolà, Fernandez and Munlloch. He fled to France during the civil war and returned in 1940 and achieved success in the blaugrana colours. However, his career was cut short due to sustaining many injuries to his hip and knee.

Years later, he returned to the club to coach the lower division teams where he enjoyed a successful time.


Seasons at the club 1934-49
Games played: 253
Goals: 223


3 Leagues (1944/45, 47/48 i 48/49)
1 Latin Cup (1949)
1 Spanish Cup (1941/42)
1 Gold Cup (1945)
1 Eva Duarte Cup (1948)
3 Catalan Championships (1934/35, 35/36 and 37/38)