Gamper was the most talented striker by far in the early Barça teams | FCB ARCHIVE

The man from Switzerland was a true example of what a sportsman should be; Joan Gamper (Winterthur, Switzerland, 1877 - Barcelona, 1930) had success in swimming, rugby, cycling, athletics and above all, football. He arrived in Barcelona in 1898 and practised the sport in the streets of Sant Gervasi and by 1899, football had been born in Barcelona.

He founded the Club and was captain of the team, however, he did not take on the presidential role until 9 years later. His level was superior to that of most others at the time and left many people marvelling at his skills. He was a forward player and scored a tally of goals unthinkable in modern times.


Season at the club: 1899-1903
Games played: 51
Goals scored: 120


Macaya Cup 1901-02
Barcelona Cup 1902-03