Sunday, 29 April (8.45pm)
Deportivo - FC Barcelona. La Liga. Week 35. Riazor

Sunday, 6 May (8.45pm)
FC Barcelona - Real Madrid. La Liga. Week 36.

Wednesday, 9 May (Date and Time TBC)
FC Barcelona - Villarreal. La Liga. Week 34. (Moved due to scheduling conflict with Copa del Rey Final)

Saturday, 28 July (8.05pm, local time)
FC Barcelona - Tottenham Hotspur. Los Angeles, USA. International Champions Cup. #BarçaUSTour2018

Thursday 31 July (8.35pm, local time)
FC Barcelona - AS Roma. Dallas, USA. International Champions Cup. #BarçaUSTour2018

Friday, 4 August (5.05pm, local time)
FC Barcelona - AC Milan. San Francisco, USA. International Champions Cup. #BarçaUSTour2018


Saturday, 28 April (7.00pm)
Fuenlabrada - Barça Lassa. League. Week 30.

Tuesday, 1 May (12.30pm)
Barça Lassa - Andorra. Catalan League Final. Pavelló Olímpic Municipal de Reus.

Saturday, 5 May (7.00pm)
Barça Lassa - Andorra. League. Week 31.

Sunday, 13 May (6.30pm)
Tenerife - Barça Lassa. League. Week 32. 


Saturday, 28 April (5.00pm)

Barça Lassa - Quabit Guadalajara. Asobal League. Week 28.

Friday, 4 May (8.30pm)
Barça Lassa - At. Valladolid. Copa del Rey. Quarterfinals.

Saturday, 12 May (5.00pm)
Anaitasuna - Barça Lassa. Asobal League. Week 29.

Saturday, 19 May (Date and Time TBC)
Barça Lassa -SD Teucro. Asobal League. Week 30.


Saturday, 28 April (Date and Time TBC)
Gran Canaria - Barça Lassa. League. Week 30.

Saturday, 5 May (8.00pm)
Barça Lassa - Jaén. Copa del Rey. Final. Pavelló Multiusos de Cáceres. 


Sunday, 29 April (12.30pm)
Igualada HC - Barça Lassa. OK Liga. Week 26.

Tuesday, 1 May (12.30pm) 
Barça Lassa - CP Vic. OK Liga. Week 27.

Sunday, 6 May (12.00pm) 
ICG Lleida - Barça Lassa. OK Liga. Week 28.

Saturday, 19 May (7.00pm) 
Barça Lassa -CP Voltregà. OK Liga. Week 29.

Sunday, 27 May (6.00pm) 
CE Noia - Barça Lassa. OK Liga. Week 30.


Saturday, 28 April (4.00pm)
Almeria - Barça B. Second Division. Week 37.

Sunday, 6 May (Date and time TBC)
Barça B - Reus. Second Division. Week 38.

Sunday, 13 May (Date and time TBC) 
Sporting - Barça B. Second Division. Week 39.

Sunday, 20 May (Date and time TBC) 
Barça B - Cadis. Second Division. Week 40.

Sunday, 27 May (Date and time TBC) 
Albacete - Barça B. Second Division. Week 41.

Sunday, 3 June (Date and time TBC) 
Barça B - Saragossa. Second Division. Week 42.


Sunday, 29 April (Date and time TBC)
Espanyol - Femení. Women's League. Week 28. 

Sunday, 6 May (Date and time TBC)
Femení - Rayo. Women's League. Week 29. 

Sunday, 13 May (Date and time TBC)
Levante - Femení. Women's League. Week 30.