Silvio Elías (Barcelona, August 15, 1948; member 2.833) graduated in Law from the University of Barcelona. His career has been linked to the world of food, as a former Owner, Director and CEO of Caprabo, and currently President and key shareholder of Veritas (organic food supermarkets), and also sports centres, as a shareholder and President of Duet Sports & Spa. He is also a shareholder and President of World Tour Platforms (leader in mobile applications), an investor in renewable energy projects, and key investor in various venture capital funds. He is also a member of the advisory council for Ernst & Young Spain and of the organizing council of Alimentaria. He was a member of the Coca-Cola European Research Group and Advisory Board of the Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona. Elias has been an FCB member for 57 years, longer than any of the members of the Board. In addition to being a director in the previous Board, he was responsible for relations with the Players' Association and is a member of the Statutory Economic Commission.