Players of FCB sections

Barça is Europe’s biggest multi-sports club. As well as football, FC Barcelona has also enjoyed domestic and international success in other sports. It has four professional sections (basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal) and six amateur ones (athletics, rugby, volleyball, field hockey, ice hockey and figure skating).

All of the professional sections apart from the futsal team have won the main European title at some point in the past. FC Barcelona’s honours include two basketball Euroleagues won in Barcelona (2003) and Paris (2010). The section has featured such stars as Epi, Solozábal, Audie Norris and Bodiroga, as well as current NBA superstars Pau and Marc Gasol, and Joan Carles Navarro and Ricky Rubio. Barça won no fewer than 7 European Cups and 5 Cup Winners Cups in handball from 1991 to 2004. And FC Barcelona’s roller hockey team has won an incredible 19 European Cups.

Each week, the Camp Nou, the Palau Blaugrana multi-sports pavilion and the Club’s many other facilities are full of sportspeople celebrating the wonderful diversity of sport.

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