We inform you that the details you have supplied shall be included in files belonging to FC Barcelona, for the management of the Barça Fans programme, whereby your details will be used for the following purposes:

  • To manage your user account;

  • To provide you with access to exclusive contents and services for users of the Barça Fans programme;

Likewise, and as long as you have issued consent by checking the respective boxes for said effect on the registration form, we shall use your details to:

  • To send you the Barça Fans programme newsletter, which will always be personalised and adapted to your interests.

  • To issue additional information in relation with FC Barcelona, such as for example, opinion surveys, invitations to events, or the club’s own products such as discounts or promotions for match tickets, merchandising, digital products, etc.

  • To send information, discounts, or promotions from third parties with which FC Barcelona might have commercial relations or partnerships, such as for example the FC Barcelona Foundation or club sponsors, who are entitled to undertake actions that are specifically aimed at Barça Fans.

All communications may be adapted and personalised to the user’s interests, either on the basis of the requested products and services, or on the basis of data that we can deduce or obtain from their browsing, interest in certain contents, reactions to our communications, among others. Said personalization shall be undertaken in a partially automated manner, in the sense that the club determines the personalisation parameters, but it is the technological platform that generates the user profile. We do not send general communications that are not segmented pursuant to the aforesaid procedure, as we believe that it is in the interest of the club and the users of the Barça Fans programme for information sent or received to be relevant, and because not segmenting would not alter the number of communications received by users of the Barça Fans programme, but merely the content of the same. In this regard, if any user of the Barça Fans programme does not wish to be segmented, we ask them not to subscribe for communications from the Barça Fans programme.

In no case shall your details be used outside of the European Union, or transferred, sold, leased or provided to any third party in any way, apart from those that supply services to FC Barcelona, who perform certain actions for the club, but under no circumstances for their own interests.

All of the data that you provide to us, or that we can deduce from the provision of services associated with the Barça Fans programme, shall be used indefinitely as long as you form part of the Barça Fans programme, or until, by any means available pursuant to the technology available at any given time, FC Barcelona might consider that you no longer have an interest in forming part of the club or receiving its communications. Once you cancel your subscription or we consider that you no longer form part of the club as stated above, your details may be conserved for the legal period as applicable at any time in order for the club to comply with applicable regulations.

At any moment, you are entitled to oppose any of the uses described above, and this shall bear no consequences upon your status as a Barça Fan, unless you cancel your membership of the programme.

Likewise, you may exercise your rights to access, rectification, suppression, opposition, limitation or portability by sending a written communication to the Comisión de Protección de Datos at the following address: Avda. Aristides Maillol, S/N, 08028 de Barcelona (Spain), or by email to proteccio.dades@fcbarcelona.cat. Additionally, you may file a claim to the competent governing body if you consider that FC Barcelona has used your data in a manner that breaches this privacy policy or any related and applicable standard.