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Rules for safe access

In compliance with the safety measures required by the health authorities regarding the prevention of COVID-19.

    • Please fill in the details of all spectators in order to receive your tickets.
    • The ticket will carry the bearer’s name and be in digital format, and in PDF/mobile format sent by email.
    • GEC (Stable Cohabitation Group) status shall be assigned up to a maximum of 6 spectators in group order.
    • Social distancing must be observed on the stadium terraces, guaranteeing a 1.5 metre gap between individuals or between GEC.
    • Entry to the stadium shall be staggered: the ticket shows the mandatory entrance and gate and the time of entry.
    • Spectators will enter the stadium in a staggered manner across six time slots of 15 minutes each, assigned by blocks of spectators and as indicated on the ticket document.
    • All doors will be opened and the turnstiles used will be spaced apart from each other.
    • Each spectator will only be able to enter the stadium via the entrance indicated on their ticket.
    • The stadium gates will open 90 minutes before kick-off.
    • The stadium will also be vacated in a staggered manner, following the instructions issued by the club across the public address system.
    • Nobody may get up from their seat except to go to the bathroom.
    • Spectators will not be allowed to leave and re-enter the ground.
    • A queue management service will be enabled.
    • Temperature control prior to entrance (with a permitted limit of 37.5 degrees).
    • Mandatory use of a facemask within the ground perimeter, and also throughout the match.
    • Low-density use of spaces and entranceways, avoiding crowds and queues. Spectators must enter the stadium via the entrance indicated on their ticket, and may not use any other entrances.  
    • Provision and use of hydroalcoholic gels throughout the ground, terraces, entrances, walkways, restaurants and bathrooms.
    • Personal and secure identification of all persons who enter the stadium, who shall be linked to their ticket and assigned seat.
    • The identity of all spectators will be checked to make sure it matches that on the ticket (ID and ticket scanning with PDA).
    • Parking service: Season ticket holding members may arrive by vehicle and park at the ground only if they are holders of a parking pass. Other parking places will only be available to service personnel, for commercial commitments, people with reduced mobility and special requests. There will be a special mobility and access operation for exceptional cases and reduced mobility.
    • Smoking is not permitted inside the Stadium or in designated areas.
    • All the stadium bathrooms will be available to the public, and will bear signs requesting correct application of health and social distancing measures and stating the corresponding capacity.
    • Boxes and corporate areas: The same safety and access control, temperature and identification measures will be applied to all public spaces in the stadium, including institutional and commercial ones. The maximum capacity criterion must be observed, and seat management will be personalised through the FC Barcelona corporate services, always respecting the criteria with regard to distancing and groups of a maximum of 6 people.
    • Reduced mobility: FC Barcelona has a Specialised Care Office that will attend to requests for reduced mobility, support services and special needs, and these persons shall be positioned in accordance with the established health and capacity criteria, maintaining the club’s usual high standard of care for these groups. The usual “T’Acompanyem” assistance service will also be activated in association with the Red Cross, which helps and accompanies the elderly and/or people with mobility difficulties.
    • Catering services: There are no plans to offer any catering services at these first matches.
    • No eating in the terraces, or at the entrances.
    • All persons attending the match must have a valid ticket.

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