Kids Activities: Who is who?

Kids Activities: Who is who?

At the Barça Foundation we have designed some activities for children to enjoy at home whilst learning key skills such as effort and determination!

TIME: Between 15 and 30 minutes

Do you know the game of ‘Who is who?’. Do you like playing it but have become tired of always having the same characters in front of you?

Today we suggest a very similar game, but now you will be the one who picks the characters.

What do you need to play the game?

  • You don’t need any objects to play this game.

Game description

  1. One of the participants will think about a member or friend of his/her family.
  2. Following an order, the rest of participants will ask questions about the abilities or skills of the person whose identity they need to guess.
    For instance: ‘Is this person good at drawing?’
  3. The answer will have to be: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, followed by the already mentioned skills.
    Example: ‘Yes, he/she is good at drawing’.
  4. You will keep asking questions until someone discovers who the secret person is.

Rules of the game

  • You need at least 2 people to play the game.
  • The questions can only be about the qualities of the hidden person.
  • The answers need to be very specific, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
  • When a participant finds out the right answer, you change roles.
  • If you play the game with many friends at the same time, you must decide an order to ask the questions before you start playing.

Possible variations of the game

  • If you want the game to be a little bit more difficult, or if you run out of family members and friends, you can use fictional characters too.
  • If you want to work a little deeper on the players’ humility, you can compare the answers with the qualities of the person who is asking the questions. For instance: ‘Yes, the hidden person can draw a lot better than you’.
  • You can also play the game the opposite way. You can ask about things they cannot do very well or the abilities they need to improve.

As you can see, when you look into the skills and abilities of your family and friends you can surely find out ‘WHO IS WHO’, and at the same time you can work on everyone’s humility.

Have Fun!

Força Barça
Força Barça

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