Estadi Johan Cruyff Accessibility


C/ del Mig, 5a, 08970 Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona 
By foot 
Access D   C/Ana María Martínez Sagi, s/n  or Access F  C/Federica Montseny, s/n 

Public transport 

BUS  78, E43, L50, L51, L52, L61, L62, N12, N15 & N50 
TRAM  T3 (Avinguda de Xile) 
TRAIN  Rodalies R4 (Sant Feliu de Llobregat)

Personal mobility 

Private bicycle, motorbikes, bike or motorbike sharing. 

Parking available around the stadium

Access A  C/Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, s/n 
Access B  C/Ana María Martínez Sagi, s/n with C/Manuel Vázquez Montalbán.  
Access G  C/ Pepe Samitier, s/n with C/ Federica Montseny, s/n 
Torreblanca Car Park Parking open on match days. Located on Av. de la Generalitat.

Free parking for vehicles for people with reduced mobility or wheelchair users  
There are 16 free parking spaces for vehicles for people with reduced mobility or wheelchair users at Access A & 3 places at ’Access G. 
These spaces may only be accessed on presentation of a blue parking card. 


Please report any specific needs to the Specialized Service Office (OAE) by email to or phone to: 900 1899 00 in the case of members and 902 1899 00 for the general public. 

Reduced mobility

There are adapted toilets for use by people with reduced mobility and changing facilities for babies in all bathrooms in the stadium. 

There are 60 adapted seats, each with a seat next to it for an accompanying person. Each of these seats has an electric socket in front.

The assigned adapted seats can be accessed via any entrance to the stadium, which are all on ground level or can be accessed via ramps.  

These seats have good views. 

Sale of seats for wheelchair users 

Tickets for wheelchair users and companions can be requested via the following link:

You can also purchase tickets for adapted seats at the Stadium Ticket Offices where the counters are adapted to a suitable height for people using wheelchairs. 

This ticket type includes a pass for a duly accredited assistant which is acquired at the same time as the purchase either online and/or at the ticket offices. 

You are advised to arrive early in order to avoid crowds.

Visual impairment

Blind or seriously impaired vision. 

Guide and care dogs are allowed into the stadium 
Please report any special needs to the OAE

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