The club provides members with a complete or league season ticket, or a basketball season ticket, and who cannot attend a certain match, with a service called Seient Lliure by which they can free their seat in order for another Barcelona supporter to be able to use it.


All members in the same zone are paid the same amount, regardless of the price of sale of the seat. The total amount for the zone is divided equally among all season ticket holders, 50% for the club, and 50% for season ticket holders after deducting handling fees and VAT.
A maximum of 95% of the price of the season ticket may be recovered, regardless of the chosen method for repayment: ‘savings account’ or ‘deposit’. 
Freeing seats more than 72 hours before the match.

Seats released more than 72 hours before the match starts are guaranteed payment and will always be paid, even if their seat is not sold.

In this case, members can choose which payment method they prefer:
‘Savings account’: the money earned is not deposited in a bank account but is cumulated over the season and at the end of the season, the total amount is discounted from the costs of the following season’s season ticket.
- ‘Deposit’: this method is only applicable for seats freed up more than 72 hours before kick-off. In this case, payment is made into the member’s bank account within five days after the game.

In both options, the maximum refund is 95% of the original price of the season ticket.
Freeing seats less than 72 hours before the match.

Members that release their seat less than 72 hours before kick-off shall only be paid if their seat is sold.
The maximum refund is 95% of the original price of the season ticket.



For games for which the basketball season ticket holders free their seats, exclusively in the case of tickets are sold, the club will accumulate in the savings account (50% of the price that the ticket has been sold, discounting VAT and handling fees) the amount that will be discounted on renewing the card for the following season.
For this method, there may be a maximum of 90% in the savings account.

The club will market all tickets as well as it can using all of the sales channels it has. Therefore, not all freed tickets can be seen in the ticketing section of the website, as they may be sold by other channels or to other groups.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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