A box with a fabulous views

Sky Boxes are a great choice if you want to see the grass from the top of the 2nd level and not miss a great pass, a controversial foul, or a goal into the upper corner. An amazing experience!

Enjoy an ample view of the field with catering service served inside your box throughout the game.

Contract by season

for exclusive use or share it and hire it only for the games you want to see. Sky boxes have a capacity of 14 and 16 people.

What's included?   

  • Covered open air seats
  • Exclusive catering menu
  • Hostess service
  • Welcome pack, parking and the ability to customise interior spaces (Full season only)

Aditional services  (not included): chauffeur, museum visit, exclusive hostesses, custom catering and the possibility to take in the match with a former FCB player.