Become the 12th player

Get ready to join the team! In the Player Zone you’ll feel like one more out there, you’ll hear the coach’s instructions while sitting comfortably near the bench, and will be able to smell the grass as part of the circle closest to the players.

Before heading out to the field, you can warm up in Box of Honour, an exclusive full-service area located under the Presidential box where you can enjoy yourself throughout the match. The game is about to begin, are you in your seat yet?

Contract by seasonfor exclusive use or share it and hire it only for the games you want to see. 

What's included?

  • Exclusive access to the VIP lounge from one hour and a half before the game, at half-time and one hour after the match has finished.
  • Glass of cava to welcome you upon entering
  • Exclusive catering menu
  • Hostess service
  • Welcome pack, parking and the ability to customise interior spaces (Full season only)

Additional services  (not included): chauffeur, museum visit, exclusive hostesses, custom catering and the possibility to take in the match with a former FCB player.

Players zone