Feel the full excitement of FCB Lassa v Estrella Roja this Friday 24 of march and enjoy an exclusive experience as you support your team!

The VIP Courtside seats have sold out, but you can still buy VIP Experience seats and watch the match from great seats while receiving the most exclusive of services.

Don’t hear about it second hand and get your VIP ticket!
    • Standard seats in grandstand upper wing zone 1, exact location announced on match day (adjacent seats guaranteed).
    • Tickets: collection on match day at Gate 0 to the Palau.
    • Entry to Paris VIP lounge.
    • Exclusive catering from an hour before the game starts, at half-time and after it has finished.
    • Hostess service.
    For only 57
    • VIP Courtside seats, located in the lateral zone of the pavilion, where you will really get to feel the famous Magic of the Palau
    • E-tickets: confirmation of exact location and tickets sent at moment of purchase.
    • Access to Presidential Box* and mixed zone.
    • Accreditation on arrival at gate 0 to the Palau.
    • Exclusive catering from an hour before the game starts, at half-time and after it has finished.
    • Hostess services and delivery of game stats during the match.

*Regulations for entrance to the Presidential Box:

1- Entry to the Box is for persons aged over 16 only. If bringing a child, he/she shall be escorted directly to the VIP Courtside seats. You shall be allowed entrance to the VIP lounge at half-time (mixed zone) and after the game.

2- Entrance is strictly prohibited with scarves, caps or banners bearing the symbols or colours of either the home or visiting team.

3- Dress code for the Presidential Box and VIP lounge must be observed, whereby the following garments may not be worn: sportswear or shoes, short trousers and bermudas.

4- Gentlemen are asked to wear a jacket and use of tie is recommended.


Frequently asked questions

What is included in Barça VIP tickets?

A VIP ticket is the most premium way to see the game. Not only do you get the very best view of the action, but you also gain exclusive entrance to the VIP lounge, receive personalised assistance from our hostesses and enjoy catering and bar services before and after the game, and also at half-time. There are further hospitality benefits, such as entrance to the rest areas and the delivery of game stats during the match.

How and where do I collect my VIP tickets?

Once you have purchased your VIP tickets on our website, you will receive an email with your VIP tickets attached in PDF format. You do not have to print a hard copy, you can download it to your mobile device and show it when you are about to start the experience.

What is a VIP Experience ticket?

These are standard tickets with access to all VIP services and great views of one of the greatest shows on earth. These tickets include: personalised assistance from FCB hostesses and exclusive entry to a VIP lounge, where you’ll be able to enjoy our bar and catering services from 60 minutes before the match, at half-time and up to an hour after the game has ended.

VIP Experience tickets are available from our website. During the purchasing process you will be able to select the number of tickets that you need and before the game you will be able to collect your VIP tickets from Gate 0 to the Palau, which will show the exact location of your seats.

When can I enter the VIP lounge?

The doors to the VIP lounges open 60 minutes before the match starts.

What catering services are included in a VIP ticket for the Palau Blaugrana?

The VIP ticket includes a cocktail-buffet type catering service that is available from 60 minutes before the game starts, at half-time and up to an hour after it is over. All kinds of snacks, hot and cold dishes and desserts are offered. The bar service complements the offer with refreshments, juices, wine, beer and cava. Alcoholic drinks are not available from a quarter of an hour before the match or at half-.time either.

Do children need to have a VIP ticket in order to enter the Palau Blaugrana?

Yes, everyone that enters the Palau, children included, must have a VIP ticket.

Can match times change?

On our website matches are shown on the fixture list on Sundays by default, but they can be switched to Saturday or other days. The time and date are usually announced about 15 days before the game.

What should I wear if I come with a VIP ticket?

To enjoy the VIP privileges you must wear casual but smart clothing.

Is there VIP parking at the Palau Blaugrana?

If you already have a VIP ticket you can enter the Palau Blaugrana premises with your car if you enter via entrance 14 to the ground.

Is there a private transfer service on offer for Barça VIP tickets?

Yes, if you have bought a VIP ticket, you can complete the experience by hiring our chauffer driven service. You won’t waste a second of your precious time. Our staff will collect you from the given address and take you right to the Palau. Once the game is over, the chauffer will drop you off wherever you like.

Can I give a VIP ticket as a gift?

Yes. VIP tickets are not sold in any given name. So you can start wrapping your premium prize!

Is Barça merchandising sold along with the VIP ticket?

Such a service is not included with the VIP ticket but if you want a fabulous souvenir of your day at FCB you can buy an official shirt or any other FC Barcelona product at our MegaStore.