Sala Roma


  • Caramelised pistachios
  • Parmesan cheese and plums

Cold dishes

  • Spanish ham
  • Italian pastries with potato mousseline cream
  • Mexican sea crab salad
  • Mediterranean pizza with basil and rocket
  • Iberian burger with melted cheddar cheese
  • Tex Mex pork hot dog
  • Peruvian ‘salpicón’ with potatoes, black olives and coriander

Warm dishes

  • Peeled ‘elver’ eels
  • Curried chicken wings with saffron basmati rice
  • Cod ‘pincho’ with citrus and aromatic herbs


  • Tutti frutti almond tartlets
  • Smoked chocolate and sesame cashew nuts
  • Catalan Mató cheese with honey and nuts

Extras menu

If you have a box and you want to amplify your dining experience, we offer a menu of supplements of which you can try various dishes during the game in your box. You can request this menu 48 hours before the match.

List of supplements

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