• Dried crunchy cherry tomato canape and cheese spread
  • Black pepper siscs

Cold dishes

  • Ham cuts
  • Smoked salmon tartar with avocado
  • Brie rolls with mint marmalade
  • Fresh cheese, bourbon sauce, bacon, chicken and onion pizza
  • Baho duck bread curry
  • Mexican pork mini burger
  • Mona Lisa potato in spicy cheese sauce sprinkled with vegetables


  • Vegetable rolls with tuna

Hot dishes

  • Yakisoba noodles with vegetables and chicken
  • Veal and vegetable fajitas


  • Fruit kebabs
  • Strawberry and cream triangles
  • Red fruits and curd

Extras menu

If you have a box and you want to amplify your dining experience, we offer a menu of supplements of which you can try various dishes during the game in your box. You can request this menu 48 hours before the match.

List of supplements

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