Gol Nord VIP Lounge


  • Truffle goat cheese
  • Nori seaweed cookies
  • Olives stuffed with piquillo peppers

Cold dishes

  • Mini pizzas
  • Three cheeses brioche
  • Grilled candied leeks
  • Mini Trevelez burger
  • Seafood croissant
  • Stuffed eggs
  • Olives, tomato and onion salad

Hot dishes

  • Fideua
  • Pork rib in teriyaki sauce
  • Seabass with marmitako vegetable stew
  • Chicken broth with sherry


  • Chocolate roll
  • Wedges of berries and mascarpone
  • Carrot cake
  • Fruit salad in brochette

Location of the VIP Lounges