Sit with the most exclusive fans

If you are talking Barça between meetings, these are your seats. Not only do you get a change of scenery but you can sit with people who are very similar to you ... all of them love football!

Do you want a real experience? With Business Seats you’ll truly feel the game and have access to the most exclusive VIP Lounge. An excellent view for a memorable game. Are you ready?

Contractt by seasonfor exclusive use or share it and hire it only for the games you want to see.

What's included?

  • Exclusive access to the VIP lounge from one hour and a half before the game, at half-time and one hour after the match has finished.
  • Glass of cava to welcome you upon entering
  • Covered seats
  • Exclusive catering
  • Hostess service
  • Welcome pack, parking and the ability to customise interior spaces (Full season only)

Additional services (not included): chauffeur, museum visit, exclusive hostesses, custom catering and the possibility to take in the match with a former FCB player.

Business seats