We all stand together in the Palau. make yourself heard. Futsal live!

Tickets for schools and groups

If you are a group of at least 15 people please send your request to futbolsala@fcbarcelona.cat

Purchasing channels

Official website www.fcbarcelona.com, FCB Bulevard Ticket Offices (close to Acces 1 at the Palau Blaugrana).

In this new season we will face lot of challenges! With your support we will achieve them!

Competition Date Game Prices
  27/02/2016 *h FC Barcelona Lassa - Movistar Inter 15 €
  19/03/2016 *h FC Barcelona Lassa - ElPozo Murcia FS 15 €
  09/04/2016 *h FC Barcelona Lassa - Aspil Vidal Ribera Navarra 9 €
  23/04/2016 *h FC Barcelona Lassa - CD Burela FS Pescados Rubén 9 €