VIP Handbol

VIP Handbol

If you love handball and want to experience the game in a different way, we introduce you to our new VIP Ticket. From €65 you can add a gastronomic experience in our Presidential Box. Don’t just settle for the game!
With our VIP ticket we propose a combination of two of your passions: a love for the game of handball and, at the same time, exclusive catered food in the Presidential Box, where you can talk about the best plays of the game.
Guarantee yourself a unique pre- and post-game atmosphere.

What does the VIP Ticket include?
- Seat for the game in our Presidential Box.
- Catering food service.

How do I buy the VIP Ticket?
Buy your VIP ticket here:

[[BOTOVERMELL::FCB Lassa - THW Kiel++VIP Tickets here::]]

Where can I collect my VIP Ticket?
You can pick up your ticket to access and enjoy the catering service in the Presidential Box at Gate 0 (see map here) on the same game day, beginning one hour before the start of the game. The person who purchased the VIP ticket will need to show a photo ID and the email confirmation that was sent upon purchasing ticket.

What are the regulations of the Palau Blaugrana Presidential Box?
Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the Presidential Box, even if accompanied by an adult.
It is not permitted to introduce or display any merchandising items, such as scarves or banners that represent either the local or visiting team.
Sportswear (shorts, sports clothes or shoes) is not allowed in the Presidential Box.
We ask gentlemen to wear a jacket and recommend the use of a tie.