Prices by match category
The price of tickets varies depending on the category of the match (D, C, B, A, A+ League, A+ Champions or A++).

The category of each of the La Liga matches can be seen in the attached schedule and for the matches of other competitions, the information is published when the rival team is known.

Tickets on sale all the time
MEMBERS: the Members of the club have an exclusive advanced sales period. From the start of the season they can purchase tickets for any games played at home (including the FCB-Real Madrid game, which will be limited to the members without a season ticket). During this exclusive period the open sales channels are the following: club website, website, website, the Servicaixa ATMs, Carrefour, the club telephone number (see channel details below) and ticket offices (not FCB-Real Madrid).

And in games in other competitions, our members always have priority in purchasing tickets with exclusive purchasing periods, quotas of tickets reserved for members, exclusive purchase channels and special discounts.

Discounts for members
For all games during the season, apart from the game with Real Madrid and possible games in the final stages of the Spanish Cup and European competitions, members can enjoy a discount of 20% in the first ticket. And in some cases the promotions are even greater!