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FC Barcelona, as well as being one of the world’s leading sports clubs, is also famed for its commitment to society and charity projects, and with that in mind it has set up this campaign through its Foundation in support of the refugees.

Called ‘Tant se val d’on venim’ ('It doesn’t matter where we come from'), Barça has set up an initiative consisting of a series of actions in response to the refugee crisis that Europe has been experiencing since the summer.

This is an emergency situation in which 300,000 people have arrived in the continent from countries that are suffering from conflicts. According to ACNUR forecasts, the number of refugees is expected to rise to as many as two million.

The charity campaign being set up by FC Barcelona, and which is being supported by all of its different departments, is based on three areas of action:

- Fundraising

- Social awareness 

- Integration of people affected by the migratory crisis 

Barça is encouraging everyone connected to the club to get involved (members, supporters clubs, users of social networks, sponsors, etc.). By taking advantage of the Club’s powerful media presence, its supporters are being asked to collaborate by making donations that will be forwarded to the Red Cross, an international organisation with expertise at dealing with such situations and that will manage the money raised in order to cater for the needs of the refugee population.

As well as collaborating in the form of monetary donations, FC Barcelona is working hard to make this an awareness campaign, with the implication of the athletes from the Club to help tell society how important it is to find solutions to alleviate the serious situation that these refugees are facing.

Finally, the club would like to serve as a vehicle for the integration of new arrivals. According to provisional forecasts by the Catalan Government, more than 3,000 refugees could be arriving in Catalonia in the coming months. FC Barcelona is therefore collaborating with the Confederation of Supporters Clubs to organise fundraising activities and, above all, to assist with the integration of the refugees in the local communities.

Origin of ‘Tant se val d’on venim’

The campaign slogan, ‘Tant se val d’on venim’, is a line from the first verse of the official FC Barcelona anthem.