Image of the players and the text facebook 30 million, thankyou!

Facebook 30 milions

FC Barcelona are about to pass the historic figure of 30 million friends on Facebook to confirm their leadership on the social network site. The Barça brand has expanded globally through social network sites, where the Club remain the World Number One.

Since they first began to use Facebook in October 2009, Barça’s growth on the social network site has been phenomenal and established the Club as the leading sports club on the site. A Leo Messi led campaign in February 2011 helped take the Club to the 10 million mark and now, 14 months later, they have trebled that figure.

Constant innovation

The recent implementation of the Timeline on Facebook has further enriched the Barça fans experience on the site and they can now enjoy top quality photos, flick through the Club’s history, see the latest news and videos of their idols, test their knowledge of the Club and share their feelings for the Club by posting their own photos.

More than 300 Camp Nous

Just to give an idea of what the 30 million figure means, imagine more than 300 Camp Nous (capacity 98,000) full of fans. Behind Barça are Real Madrid (with 27,1 million followers) and Manchester United (24,2 million).

More Internet presence

As well as leading on Facebook, Barça also lead the sports clubs on Twitter and Google+. The Club’s official accounts on Twitter (@fcbarcelona @fcbarcelona_es and @fcbarcelona_cat) now have 8,6 million followers, whilst on Google+, the Club have reached a million followers to become the world’s top sports page and the fifth in all.

Send your photos

To celebrate the historic achievement, Barça fans can send their photos either via Facebook or Twitter via the #30FCB hashtag.