With our Basket Premium package you’ll be able to combine two of your greatest passions: your love of basketball and the chance to delight in an exclusive catering service in Sala París, where you’ll be able to discuss the game with family and friends as you enjoy some top quality cuisine.

Make sure you take in the unique atmosphere before and after the experience of watching live basketball, from €30.

Don’t just settle for the game!


What does it include?

  • Exclusive access to Sala Paris before and after the match.
  • Catering and open bar service.

Where do I collect it?

Passes are available at gate (porta) 0 to the Palau (see map), from one hour before the start of the game. You will need to show the email confirming purchase of the package or the Basket Premium ticket. You must purchase one ticket per person regardless of their age.

You may enter Sala Paris (see map) from one hour before the start of the match until one hour after it ends. Once inside the lounge, the staff will show you how to get to your seats.

Where do I buy it?

In order to purchase the package, you must have a ticket for any game in the Liga Endesa or Euroleague. Note that the product is only available for purchase on-line. The package therefore cannot be purchased at the FCB ticket offices on the day of the match.

Members may only purchase the Basket Premium once they have bought their tickets to the game.

If you already have your ticket and you want to supplement it with the BASKET PREMIUM

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If you do not have your ticket for any League or Euroleague game, you can buy it here.

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*Once your ticket is selected, enter the following code: BASQUETPREMIUM, to obtain this product.

*Product only for FC Barcelona supporters