FC Barcelona Christmas Gifts

These Christmas holidays, FC Barcelona wants to help you to find the perfect gift. Because there’s nothing better for a culé than a unique, unforgettable 100% blaugrana experience. At FCB, you’ll find the very best Christmas presents: including football and basketball tickets, and even VIP seats with a whole range of exclusive services.

You could give someone the Camp Nou Experience: Tour & Museum. It’s a great chance to get to know and explore the club from within. The tour takes you right inside the stadium, where you can feel what it’s like to be a player in the dressing room, walk onto the pitch and even sit on the first team bench. For those who love feeling the pride of wearing the team colours at any time and in any place, you could give them a Barça shirt, or scarves, books and no end of other products featuring their favourite team on offer in the club store. Pick what you like! You can’t go wrong.


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