Despite conceding the first goal of the game, the FC Barcelona Lassa roller hockey team has won 5-2 on what’s never an easy trip to Alcoy. After securing their ticket for the European Final Four they collected a win that just gets better with the news that Liceo were held to a gripping 6-6 draw with Reus.

That moves the blaugrana four points clear at the top of the OK Liga table, and all it comes thanks to braces from Pablo Álvarez and Marc Gual and one goal from Panadero.

So yet another win, and that’s now 20 from 24 games in the competition.


PAS Alcoy, 2
FC Barcelona Lassa, 5

Alcoy: Marc Grau 'Guiri', Tutti Baieli, Fran Roca, Maxi Oruste, Pere Cañellas, Matias Arnaez, Roc Llisa.

Barça Lassa: Sergi Fernández, Marc Gual, Matias Pascual, Pablo Álvarez, Panadero, Lucas Ordoñez, Pau Bargalló, Ignacio Alabart.

Goals: 1-0, Pere Cañellas (min 21). 1-1, Pablo Álvarez (min 28). 1-2, Pablo Álvarez (min 33). 1-3, Panadero (min 35). 2-3, Maxi Oruste (min 40). 2-4, Marc Gual (min 45). 2-5, Marc Gual (min 46).

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