The duel between the two top in the league ended in a draw (2-2) after the hosts responded within a minute on both occasions after Barça Lassa scored. It means the two teams are still separated by two points in the table.

The match that started with both teams not risking too much. On 10 minutes, the officials flashed a blue card at Dava Torres, Edu Lamas and Matías Pascual, but Pablo Álvarez was unable to take advantage of the direct foul to go ahead on the scoreboard.

Barroso made no mistake a few seconds later, but Sergi Miras equalised within a minute.

Same again from Liceo

The second half started reasonably calmly but then sprang back into life when Marc Gual scored Barça’s second after an assist from Edu Lamas. As with the first half, Liceo reacted quickly in the next play, and scored a goal by Carlo Di Benedetto. Despite more opportunities for either side, neither were able to capitalise.

Barça Lassa are next in action on Saturday 17 March at the Palau Blaugrana (6.00PM CET)

Match details:

Liceo, 2
Barça Lassa, 2

Liceo: Xavi Malian, Josep Lamas, Edu Lamas, César Carballeira and Dava Torres –starters-, Martín Ernesto Payero, Carlo Di Benedetto, Marc Coy and Sergio Miras.

Barça Lassa: Sergio Fernandez, Marc Gual, Pablo Álvarez, Matías Pascual and Sergi Panadero –starters-, Aitor Egurrola, Lucas Ordóñez, Xavi Barroso and Ignacio Alabart.  

Goals: 0-1, Barroso (min 11); 1-1, Sergi Miras (min 12); 1-2, Gual (min 29); 2-2, Di Benedetto (min 30).

Officials: Sergi Mayor and Jose Juan Melero. Blue cards for Edu Lamas, Dava Torres and Matías Pascual.


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