In the final few games of the championship, a positive result in each is key to Barça winning the title. The team know it and against a tough Igualada side, goals from Lucas Ordóñez, Pablo Álvarez (2), Sergi Panadero, Pau Bargalló and Matías Pascual ensured a very important win.

The visitors meant business from the start, and were determined to take control of the match as quickly as possible, however, a well-drilled home defence prevented any chance of danger. Edu Castro's side then proved why they are the leaders of the competition by scoring two goals in two magic minutes.

The first came from Lucas Ordóñez in the 10th minute, whilst the second was Pablo Álvarez's work. Igualada attacked Sergio Fernández’s goal on several occasions, but weren’t able to beat him before the break.

Maximum intensity

The second half began frantically. In the first minute, Igualada had a clear opportunity to score but, instead, Barça managed to hit them on the counter attack through Sergi Panadero (0-3).

Pablo Álvarez made it four, though a minute later, Sergi Pla got Igualada on the scoreboard (1-4). In the following play, Matías Pascual made it 1-5, before Tety Vives fired home a penalty for the hosts (2-5). Within two minutes, two more goals were scored; first Pau Bargalló with a direct hit fired home Barça’s sixth before Sergi Pla replied in kind (3-6). Right at the end, Tety Vives made the final score more respectable for Igualada.

Match details:

Igualada Rigat, 4
Barça Lassa, 6

Igualada Rigat: Elagi Deitg, Oriol Vives, Tety Vives, Met Molas and Sergi Pla – starters – Roger Bars, Jordi Méndez and Gerard Miquel.
Barça Lassa: Sergio Fernández, Lucas Ordóñez, Sergi Panadero, Pau Bargalló and Marc Gual – starters – Matías Pascual, Pablo Álvarez, Xavi Barroso and Ignacio Alabart.

Goals: 0-1 Lucas Ordóñez (min 10); 0-2 Pablo Álvarez (min 11); 0-3 Sergi Panadero (min 26); 0-4 Pablo Álvarez (min 39); 1-4 Sergi Pla (min 39); 1-5 Matías Pascual (min 40); 2-5 Tety Vives (penal, min 41); 2-6 Pau Bargalló (direct foul, min 42); 3-6 Sergi Pla (direct foul, min 42); 4-6 Tety Vives (min 49).

Officials: Díaz Cosme and Calonge Barrio.

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