FC Barcelona Lassa overcame CH Palafrugell in comfortable style in their first home game in the Palau Blaugrana of the new OK League season. The current league champions had to come back from behind against the newly promoted side from Baix Empordà in the first ever meeting in the league between the two teams. After the early setback, the blaugranes showed themselves to be far superior to their rivals and Barroso (2), Matías Pascual, Pablo Álvarez (2), Alabart and Sergi Panadero got the goals to give the home side the win.

Barça Lassa went in at the break 3-1 up against the visitors Palafrugell and four more goals in the second half eased them to victory, despite a brave performance from their newly promoted opponents. Barça Lassa remain top of the table in the OK League after two consecutive wins in their two opening matches. 


FC Barcelona Lassa, 7

CH Palafrugell, 1

FC Barcelona Lassa: Sergi Fernàndez, Marc Gual, Lucas Ordoñez, Pablo Àlvarez, Sergi Panadero –starting five–. Pau Bargalló, Matías Pascual, Xavi Barroso and Ignacio Alabart.

CH Palafrugell: Marcel Luzón ‘Linu’, Guillem Ribot, Joni Duran, Gerard Pujol, Ruben Ruiz –starting five–. David Carles, Marc Brugué, Pol Vives and Xavier Aldrich.

Goals: 0-1, Aldrich (min 15); 1-1, Barroso (min 18); 2-1, Pascual (min 19); 3-1, Barroso (min 20); 4-1, P. Álvarez (min 27); 5-1, P. Álvarez (min 28); 6-1, Alabart (min 36); 7-1, Panadero (min 46).

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