Barça Lassa beat Recam Làser Caldes 7-2 in a match the blaugranas dominated with goals from Marc Gual, Pau Bargalló, Lucas Ordoñez (2), Pablo Álvarez (2) and Ignacio Alabart. FC Barcelona are top of the table and this performance demonstrated Edu Castro’s team’s credentials.

Marc Gual made it 1-0 in the first minute and the blaugranas continued in this vein until the end of the match. Pau Bargalló made it 2-0 in the fifth minute putting Barça in control of the game with plenty of attacking play and Sergi Fernández playing well in goal on the occassions Calders attacked.

Before the break, Edu Castro’s team added two more goals as Lucas Ordoñez made it four and then Pablo Álvarez got the fourth thanks to a magnificent assist from Pau Bargalló.

Victory secured

The start of the second half couldn’t have gone better for Barça Lassa. The blaugranas made it 5-0 in one of their first attack as Lucas Ordoñez scored within the first 37 seconds. They went on to add two more goals through Ignacio Alabart and Pablo Álvarez.

In the 43rd minute, Sergi Fernández saved two penalties following Barça’s tenth foul of the game. Then Pol Galbas managed to score to make it 7-1. Caldes then managed to score a second with a powerful shot two minutes from the end. The blaugranas are still top of the OK Liga ahead of their away game against Forte di Marmi in the European League.


Barça Lassa, 7
Recam Làser Caldes, 2

Barça Lassa: Sergi Fernández, Marc Gual, Pablo Álvarez, Pau Bargalló and Sergi Panadero –starting five- Matias Pascual, Xavi Barroso, Lucas Ordoñez and Ignacio Alabart.

Recam Làser Caldes: Cesc Campor, Pol Galbas, Xavi Rovira, Jacint Molera and Alexandre Ascensi-starting five- Lluís Ricart, Ferran Rosa, Xavi Rovira and Roger Ascensi.  

Goals: 1-0, Marc Gual (min 1); 2-0, Pau Bargalló (min 6); 3-0, Lucas Ordoñez (min 15); 4-0, Pablo Álvarez (min 20); 5-0, Lucas Ordoñez (min 26); 6-0, Ignacio Alabart (min 34); 7-0, Pablo Álvarez (min 38); 7-1, Pol Galbas (min 44); 7-2, Xavi Rovira (min 48).

Officials: Alberto López and Aleix Gorina. Blue card for Bargalló (min 48). Fouls: 14 and 13. 

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