Barça Lassa closed the group stage of the Europa League with an easy win, beating Montreux 3-0 in a match where Àlex Joseph, Pablo Najera and Marc González have debuted.

The game started with the two teams exchanging very presentable chances that kept both goalkeepers - Egurrola and Jean-Pierre - busy. Panadero had come closest to opening the scoring before Lucas Ordóñez eventually did so (1-0, min 14). Àlex Joseph took advantage of some great work by Najera to score the second just four minutes later.

In the second half, the hosts controlled the game with ease and Ordóñez made the game safe with Barça Lassa’s third in the 26th minute.

Quarterfinals in sight

Edu Castro’s side, ended the group phase with a perfect 6 wins from 6 games (the only European team to do so). They now march on to the quarterfinals and will face Follonica on March 24 in Italy, before hosting them on April 7 at the Palau.

Match Details:

Barça Lassa, 3
Montreux HC, 0

Barça Lassa: Egurrola, Pascual, Ordóñez, Panadero, Barroso –starters-, Najera, Àlex Joseph, Marc González, Ignacio and Sergi Fernández.
Montreux HC: Jean-Pierre Vizio, Marc Armero, Arnau, Xavier, Tiago –starters-, Yannich, Marc Monney, Flavio, Maxime and Guillaume.

Goals: 1-0 Ordóñez (min 14); 2-0 Joseph (min 18); 3-0 Ordóñez (min 26).

Officials: Joao Duarte and Ricardo Leao. 

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