FC Barcelona Lassa is in the final stretch of the season, and with each game similar to a final, Barça turned in a great performance on Saturday at the Palau Blaugrana, beating visiting Lloret by a score of 8-2.

Pablo Álvarez, Lucas Ordóñez and Marc Gual led the way with two goals each, while the youngster Antonio Miguélez made his first team debut.

Barça opened the scoring early and Lloret momentarily tied it a 1-1 just three minutes into the game, but the Catalans would then go on to score seven unanswered goals en route to an 8-1 lead with a pair of goals in the 46th minute.

Lloret managed to score from the penalty spot in the 48th for the final goal of the game.

Barça Lassa, thus, takes one more step towards the title, and has set it sights on the next game, against Igualada.


Barça Lassa, 8
Lloret, 2

Barça Lassa: Egurrola, Marc Gual, Pablo Álvarez, Pau Bargalló, Sergi Panadero —STARTING FIVE— Matías Pascual, Lucas Ordóñez, Antonio Miguélez, Ignacio Alabart.

Lloret: Ferran Serra, Lluís Grau, David Plaza, Marc Grau, Àlex Grau —STARTING FIVE— Rubén Fernández, Gerard Gallardo, Oriol Perarnau.

Goals: 1-0 Pablo Álvarez (min 2); 1-1 Marc Grau (min 5); 2-1 Sergi Panadero (penal) (min 7), 3-1 Marc Gual (min 14); 4-1 Pablo Álvarez (min 34); 5-1 Marc Gual (min 40); 6-1 Ignacio Alabart (min 43); 7-1 Lucas Ordóñez (min 46); 8-1 Lucas Ordóñez (min 46); 8-2 Gerard Gallardo (min 48).

Arena: Palau Balugrana

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