It’s a bank holiday in Spain, so Barça Lassa were in OK Liga action this Wednesday at home to seventh placed Igualada.

It was a dominant performance sealed by first half goals from Alabart and Pablo Álvarez, meaning the roller hockey team stay top of the league, matched on points by Liceo, who won 5-0 in their game against Lloret.

Barça Lassa will return to action this Saturday at 4.00pm CET for their European League game away to Benfica.

Match Stats

Barça Lassa: Egurrola, Marc Gual, Matías Pascual, Pablo Álvarez & Ignacio Alabart –starting five-, Lucas Ordoñez, Pau Bargalló, Pablo Najero & Sergi Panadero.

Igualada: Elagi Deitg, Oriol Vives, Sergi Pla, Roger Bars & Met Molas –starting five-, Oriol Prat, 'Tety' Vives, Jordi Mendez, Gerard Miquel & Manel del Valle.

Goals: 1-0, Alabart (min 5); 2-0, Pablo Álvarez (min 22).

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