Saturday brought a morale-boosting win for Barça Lassa at Benfica in the European league – and yet things had looked in danger of going the other way when the Portuguese took an early lead and looked to be well in control.

The balance soon started swinging the way of the visitors, with Panadero running much of the show and contributing a fine goal. This was followed by strikes from Lucas, Álvarez (2), Barroso, Alabart, Bargalló and Matias Pascual as the goals started flooding in, and mainly for FC Barcelona.

It was the first time in two years that they had beaten a Benfica side that is normally so strong at home. The result leaves Edu Castro’s side five points clear at the top of Group C.

It’s back to the OK Liga on Tuesday with a visit to CP Vic.

Match Stats

Benfica: Guillem Trabal, Diogo Rafael, Jordi Adroher, Carlos Nicolia & Valter Neves –starting five-  João Rodrigues, Miguel Rocha, Vieirinha & Tiago Rafael.

Barça Lassa: Sergi, Marc Gual, Pablo Álvarez, Pau Bargalló & Panadero –starting five- Alabart, Pascual, Ordóñez & Barroso.

Goals: 1-0, Nicolia (pen) (min 2); 1-1, Panadero (min 6); 1-2, Ordóñez (min 20); 1-3, Álvarez (free) (min 31); 1-4, Barroso (min 37); 2-4, Adroher (min 40); 2-5, Pablo Álvarez (min 43); 3-5, Nicolia (free) (min 44); 3-6, Alabart (min 45); 3-7, Bargalló (min 46); 3-8, Matias Pascual (min 47); 4-8, Joao Rodrigues (min 48).

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