Barça Lassa were back at Alcobendas just three weeks after winning the Copa del Rey in the same city and Ricard Muñoz’s side picked up a victory at the side currently rooted to the bottom of the OK Liga table. Pablo Álvarez (3), Pau Bargalló (2) and Lucas Ordoñez scored the goals in what wasn’t the easy win some might have predicted, the game ending 6-4 to the Catalans.

A tight first half ended with the visitors 2-1 to the good, and it was after the interval that the goals started flowing. Barça were never comfortable until it was 5-2, and even though there were three more goals still to come in game, the three points always looked secure from then on to leave Barça top of the table.


Reicomsa Alcobendas, 4

FC Barcelona Lassa, 6

Reicomsa Alcobendas: Martín Rodríguez, Marcos Villanueva, Marcos López, Gonzalo Pérez & César Candanedo–starting five–. Mario Martínez, Gonçalo Nunes, Javi Jurado & Víctor Jiménez 'Sori'.

FC Barcelona Lassa: Egurrola, Matías Pascual, Pablo Álvarez, Pau Bargalló & Sergi Panadero –starting five–. Marc Gual, Edu Lamas, Barroso & Lucas Ordoñez.

Goals: 0-1, Pau Bargalló (min 3, penal); 0-2, Pablo Álvarez (min 7); 1-2, César Candanedo (min 9); 1-3, Pablo Álvarez (min 30, falta directa); 2-3, Gonzalo Pérez (min 32); 2-4, Pablo Álvarez (min 33); 2-5, Pau Bargalló (min 41); 3-5, César Candanedo (min 42); 3-6, Lucas Ordoñez (min 47) i 4-6, Gonçalo Nunes (min 48)

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