Barça Lassa were not able to add a victory to their great season in the final fixture as they lost 5-2 away at Liceo in a game in which the attacking capabilities of each side were to the fore. Goals from Pablo Álvarez, Gual and Pascual were not enough to take the win. 


Liceo 5,

Barça Lassa 3,

Liceo: Malián, Josep Lamas, César Carballeira, Toni Pérez and Henriques Magalhaes –starting five–, Torres, Coy, Pérez i Shehda.

Barça Lassa: Egurrola, Gual, Pascual, Pablo Álvarez i Lamas –starting five–, Ordoñez, Panadero and Barroso.

Goals: 0-1, Pablo Álvarez (min 1); 1-1, Carlo Di Benedetto (min 15); 2-1, Josep Lamas (min 20); 3-1, Carballeira (min 24); 4-1, Marc Coy (min 29); 4-2, Gual (min 30); 5-2, Di Benedetto (min 44); 5-3, Pascual (min 45)

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