FC Barcelona Lassa roller hockey have added another OK League win against CE Noia at the Palau which takes them up to 19 victories from 22 fixtures (6-2). They did so with patience and they dominated the tempo of the match throughout but they secured the win thanks to five second half goals.

The key moments came just after the break when Matías Pascual got his second goal of the night, having scored Barça’s opener in the 12th minute, and Marc Gual’s goal which made it 4-1 and came just when Noia were putting Barça under pressure. Pau Bargalló scored in between these two while Edu Lamas and Pablo Álvarez added a couple more later on from free kicks.

Close first half

Ricard Muñoz, who has decided to step down at the end of the season, was looking for his time to take control of the match and strengthen their lead with eight games left to go in the league. Matías Pascual opened his account for the night on the 12th minute with some fantastic movement inside the box and a convincing finish (1-0).

Barça were unable to add to this goal during the first half even though they looked to double their lead due to some resolute Noia defending. Pablo Álvarez went through unopposed but was stopped by keeper Luis Gil and then Matías Pascual had another chance but he hit the post.

Goal fest after the break

The second half was a lot more exciting and it only took Matías Pascual 19 seconds to score his second of the night from a long-range shot. This was by no means the end and there were another six goals left in the game with Barça getting four of them and Noia bagging a brace.

Pau Bargalló got the first of these from a free kick which made it 3-0 to Barça and seemed to make the result safe. However, Eloi Albesa reduced the lead with a free kick of his own and Noia piled on the pressure. Ferran Rosa almost made it 3-2 but his was deflected wide by Sergi Fernández in the 36th minute. The away side were looking to get back into the game and Barça were struggling to impose themselves until Marc Gual scored a crucial goal when he scored from a rebound to make it 4-1.

The win became more comfortable thanks to goals from Edu Lamas and Pablo Álvarez before Ferran Rosa got one back for Noia. Barça await Forte dei Marmi at the Palau in the return leg of the European League following a 3-1 victory in Italy.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 6
CE Noia, 2

Barça Lassa: Sergio Fernández, Marc Gual, Pau Bargalló, Lucas Ordoñez, Edu Lamas –starting five- Pascual, Pablo Álvarez, Panadero and Barroso.

Noia: Luis Gil, Aleix Esteller, Nil Roca, Jordi Del Amor i Ferran Rosa –starting five- Eloi Albesa, Humberto Mendes, Arnau Xaus and Arnau Ribas.

Goals: 1-0, Matías Pascual (min 12). 2-0, Matías Pascual (min 26). 3-0, Pau Bargalló (min 33). 3-1, Eloi Albesa (min 33). 4-1, Marc Gual (min 38). 5-1, Edu Lamas (min 43). 6-1, Pablo Álvarez (min 43). 6-2, Ferran Rosa (min 44).

Officials: Óscar Valverde and Alberto López. Fouls: 15 and 17.

Attendance: 1,230 espectadors at the Palau.

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