FC Barcelona Lassa roller hockey remain top of the table after a 4-1 victory on Tuesday night over Recam Làser Caldes thanks to goals from Marc Gual, Pablo Álvarez, Pau Bargalló and Barroso.

It took a while for Barça to get off the mark and it was the visitors that asked the early questions, forcing keeper Sergi Fernandez into a number of good saves. The deadlock was finally broken when Marc Gual got on the end of a pass from Ordoñez to calm the Palau Blaugrana crowd.

The goal gave confidence to the home side and, six minutes later, they doubled their lead thanks to a Pablo Álvarez direct free-kick.

Barça were not keen on just defending their lead however, as Pau Bargalló made it 3-0 almost straight from the restart, before Barroso all but sealed the game on 33 minutes. There was enough time for the visitors to leave with a consolation through Roger Acsensi but the win for Barça was done and dusted by that point.

The Catalans have now won their opening four matches in the league and are top of the table.

Match details

FCB Lassa: S.Fernández, Pablo Álvarez, Panadero, Edu Lamas, Barroso –starting five-, Gual, Matías Pascual, Lucas Ordoñez, Pau Bargalló.

CH Caldes: Cesc Campor, Molera, Xavi Rovira, Alexandre Acsensi, Urbano –starting five-, Galbas, Pastor, Blanqué, Roger Acsensi, Villena.

Goals: 1-0 Marc Gual, min 15; 2-0 Pablo Álvarez, min 21; 3-0 Pau Bargalló, min 23; 4-0 Barroso, min 33; 4-1 Roger Acsensi, min 39.

Referee: Raül Burgos and Dani Picó.

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