Barça Lassa travelled to Alcobendas with the objective of securing a spot in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey and they managed to do so following a hard fought game. An effective blaugrana side beat Voltregá 6-3 and they will go on to play the semi-finals at 5.00pm CET against Liceo.

Impressive first half

The blaugranas started the match at a frenetic pace and Ricard Muñoz’s men opened the scoring with a Marc Gual goal in the 3rd minute. Barça Lassa dominated play and in the 10th minute they managed to double their lead with a counterattack subtly finished by Pau Bargalló.

However, Voltregá didn’t give up and they managed to get back into the game in the last minute of the first half, Barça had committed ten fouls and the home side made the most of this with a goal from a direct free kick from Ignacio Alabart, who is on loan from the blaugranas.

Second half starts in style

Following the break, Matías Pascual beat Candid Ballart with the Argentinian’s 17th goal of the season for the Catalans. The opposition keeper produced various impressive saves from Bargalló, Gual and Pablo Álvarez until the later managed to beat Ballart in the 34th minute.

However, once again, Barça committed enough fouls to give the opposition another chance to get in touch with a free kick which Alabart took but was thwarted by the excellent Egurrola. Following this, Lucas Ordóñez was able to convert a free kick of his own which gave Barça its third Argentinian scorer of the night.

The second half proved to be very exciting and in the 44th minute Alabart beat Agurrola to cut Barça’s lead to 5-2. Three minutes later another Lucas goal secured qualification for the semi-finals with a penalty. Barça go on to the face Liceo in the semi-finals.


FC Barcelona Lassa, 6
CP Voltregà, 3

Barça: Aitor Egurrola, Marc Gual, Matías Pascual, Sergi Panadero i Pablo Álvarez –starting five-,  Pau Bargalló, Edu Lamas, Xavi Barroso and Lucas Ordóñez
Voltregà: Càndid Ballart, Ignacio Alabart, Gerard Teixidó, “Petxi” Armengol and Dani Rodríguez -starting five-, Èric Vargas, Xavi Crespo

Goals: 1-0, Marc Gual (min 3). 2-0, Pau Bargalló (min 10). 2-1, Ignacio Alabart, FD (min 25). 3-1, Matías Pascual (min 29). 4-1, Pablo Álvarez (min 34). 5-1, Lucas Ordóñez (min 42). 5-2, Ignacio Alabart (min 44). 6-2, Lucas Ordóñez, p (min 47) . 6-3, Xavi Crespo (min 48)

Referees: Josep Gómez and Germán Sandoval Santos 

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